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Our Services

Parts you can count on.

At Armstrong Manufacturing & Engineering, we are obsessed with quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

Since our beginning in 1968, our long-standing experience and dedication to our work have driven us to manufacture and engineer some of the best parts in our industry. We’ve also achieved an on-time delivery performance of 100% as of 2019, thanks to our intensely skilled team.

From design and production to assembly, we work alongside our customers through the entire manufacturing lifecycle, to ensure the highest level our satisfaction with the final product. You can count on AME.


  • Precision Machining
  • Comprehensive Engineering Design & Support
  • Sub-component Assembly & Testing
  • Converting Legacy Manufacturing Processes to Modern Manufacturing Processes
  • Deburring & Cleaning
  • In-house gear “hobbing”
  • Laser part marking
  • Wire EDM (Electronic Discharge Machining)

Armstrong Quality Aviation Pumps

Did you know we design and manufacture our own line of aviation pumps? Our clients report our custom aviation pumps as the most durable across our competitors, with zero PPM, and above average life-cycle.

Learn about our aviation pumps